Pet Microchipping

A microchip can save your pet’s life!

All of us at Van Meter Veterinary Clinic strongly recommends all pets be microchipped.  A microchip offers a permanent safe form of identification for your pet. After the microchip is implanted, you register your information with the appropriate microchip company and your pet will then identified by your information for life. 

Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are inserted in between the shoulder blades of your pet. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure that can make the difference between finding your lost pet or not.  Each tiny microchip is encoded with a unique number that is entered into a database. Your information will be linked with that number so that if your pet is lost that number will give the finder of your pet your contact information. 

Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and animal care and control centers across the country are equipped with special scanners capable of detecting and reading microchips. They can then use the Pet Microchip Lookup to find a pet’s owners based on the microchip number, regardless of the microchip’s manufacturer.  If your pet is ever lost, microchipping is the best way to reunite you with your beloved family pet.The AVMA’s website is also a reliable source of additional information about pet microchipping.

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