Veterinary Pharmacy

Refilling Your Pets Prescription is Easy at Van Meter Veterinary Clinic!

Is your pet ready for a refill on his or her prescription?  You can refill your pet’s prescription:

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the convenience of both an online store and an in-clinic pharmacy for your pet’s prescription medication. Both pharmacies are stocked with medications, prescription pet foods and supplements of the highest of quality to ensure that your pet maintains perfect health and weight. By purchasing your pet’s medications from us, our pharmacies guarantee all the medication and food we provide comes from the safest manufacturers and is stored in optimal conditions—because your pet’s health is our number one priority!

Refilling Your Pet’s Medication is Easy! 

If you need any medication following your pet’s appointment, you can just stop by our desk and one of our team members will give you the appropriate medication and dosage. And best of all, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the medication or instructions, our team members are right here to help you out! 

Please call us today with any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s medication.

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